Zones Théâtrales and Indigenous Theatre Join Forces

Mokatek et l’étoile disparue © Élise Boucher-Degonzague ( Marianne Duval)

Every two years, the National Arts Centre and venues throughout the National Capital Region celebrate French theatre with Francophone communities across Canada during Zones Théâtrales.

Under the artistic direction of Gilles Poulin-Denis, Zones Théâtrales took place from September 9 to 14. This inspiring festival attracted more than 3,000 audience members to performances, workshops and readings from Francophone communities in six different provinces. Not only that, approximately 40 presenters were on site to see performances, providing exceptional opportunities for the many artists who took part in the festival.

This year, Zones Théâtrales was part of the NAC-wide collaboration to celebrate the launch of Indigenous Theatre during its Mòshkamo festival. Support from NAC Foundation donors helped the festivals join together to co-present two Indigenous Theatre shows in French.

Where the Blood Mixes (Là où le sang se mêle), an award winning play by Indigenous Theatre Artistic Director Kevin Loring, was performed in a Menuentakuan production in collaboration with Montreal’s Teesri Duniya Theatre. The second show, Mokatek et l’étoile disparue, was a co-production of Ottawa’s Vox Théâtre and Montreal’s Productions Ondinnok. It combined puppetry, songs and dance in a performance for young children and their families that explores the wealth of Indigenous languages.

Lori Marchand, Managing Director of Indigenous Theatre, says “It was fantastic to showcase Indigenous performances in French as part of Zones Théâtrales. It was a great way to introduce new audiences to Indigenous Theatre. Thank you so much for your support—you help to put great work on our stages!”

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