WolfGANG Sessions: What chamber music was meant to be

A chamber music concert is, by nature, more social than an orchestral performance. The smaller number of performers and more intimate setting create a more informal, inclusive vibe, and in turn, expands the musical conversation between players to include the audience. The NAC Orchestra's WolfGANG Sessions embraces this fully. "I think it captures the original essence of what chamber music was supposed to be originally" says bassoonist Vincent Parizeau.

The NAC Orchestra musicians who perform in the WolfGANG Sessions appreciate good music – no matter what the genre. "I don't know of many classical musicians that don't listen to and love other types of music equally" says violinist Carissa Klopoushak. People who are familiar with artists such as Son Lux and Bryce Dessner will appreciate the musical discoveries to be found at the WolfGANG Sessions. It all points towards a new direction for classical music. Carissa puts it very simply; "I think classical music has been pretty snobby and now we're getting away from that, which is really great."

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