Welcome to a new season, Dance fans!

© Photo: Christian Ganet

Welcome back to another sensational season of dazzling dance, brought to you by programming goddess Cathy Levy and the entire Dance team at the NAC. They toil ceaselessly in the vineyards of Art for you, the luckiest dance fans in the country. But why take my word for it? Here is Paula Citron writing in The Globe and Mail on March 31, 2013:

Why Ottawa dance fans are the luckiest in the country (again) with the new National Arts Centre season.

Every year I pine with envy when the National Arts Centre’s new dance season is announced. Ottawa dance fans are the luckiest in the country. Once again, NAC dance producer Cathy Levy has put together four sterling series ranging from traditional ballet to avant-garde experimentation, along with two special presentations. Just check out the statistics – 20 companies from nine countries, seven of which are presenting works not seen in Canada before. Three companies are exclusive Canadian engagements.”

Paula goes on, but I needn’t. As a reader of this blog, you are obviously a person of taste and refinement, jagged with sophistication. You can read Paula’s full story here: theglobeandmail.com

Salves: So the season begins with a Series B bang!

France’s Compagnie Maguy Marin fires the opening salvo of the new Dance season with Salves (2010). Mme. Marin has been called “the queen of new French socio-political dance”, and her reign of relentless creativity is now in its fourth decade. Always socially and ethically engaged, known for a radical and poetic vision, she once again strives to put forces of resistance on stage “so we can get away from everything that depresses us and saps our strength.” Salves is a lively, spellbinding show which might take your breath away. Bodies appear in bursts. An uninterrupted flow of images and of movement. Flashes in which the seven dancers – links in a chain of humanity in conflict – suggest the condition of a man who is subject to present-day tyrannies. “All it takes is an atom moving away slightly from its parallel trajectory for it to end up colliding with the others, resulting in the creation of a world, the invention of a new form that can produce extraordinary consequences,” says Maguy Marin. Salves depicts the chaos of the world in 70 minutes of furious madness that goes through us like a frenzied marathon.

Compagnie Maguy Marin performs Salves in the Theatre on Thursday October 3 and Friday October 4 at 7:30 p.m.

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