Royal Wood and Rose Cousins sing GO with the NAC Orchestra

Two musical friends got together in Los Angeles to write some music. They decided to let the music guide them, not knowing where it would lead. PEI Juno Award winning singer-songwriter Rose Cousins and Peterborough multi-Juno nominee singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Royal Wood co-wrote a beautiful song titled GO that showcases their unique connection and beautiful voices. The duo, will premier this special song on May 6, live with the NAC Orchestra. It tells the story of two people realizing that their relationship is over but all hope is not lost.

Open doors and curtains parted
As we untie this thing we've started
Two hearts beating
Two souls breathing
Never mind those days of sorrow
Living on the hope we borrow
Remembering you will love again

Rose met Royal through mutual friends in Halifax, Nova Scotia, during a small tour of Eastern Canada in 2007. They have grown to be good friends and supportive colleagues, sharing many stages and harmonies over the years.

“The National Arts Centre has helped nurture and support me throughout my career; allowing me to rise to where I am today.  Every artist will one day look back at his history and remember the journey one way or another. My performance with the NAC Orchestra will be one of the pinnacles of my career.”- says Royal Wood.

Rose Cousins shares: "The appearance with Royal and the NAC Orchestra is a perfectly elegant place to debut our first writing collaboration, and I feel it epitomizes our friendship and growth as artists. I’m honoured to have been invited."

Royal Wood will unveil his new album GHOST LIGHT on April 22 under the Cadence Music label.  This album allows Royal's own mythical glow to truly shine from within– raw, honest and open. GHOST LIGHT has given a new meaning to the path in his career, where unabashed creativity and performance will continue to shine and cultivate his trajectory – no matter where it leads.

Rose is currently working on a new record that will be released in the Fall of 2016.

Royal Wood performs on Southam Hall stage with guest Rose Cousins and the NAC Orchestra on May 6th at 8 PM. It will be Royal’s 4th concert as part of the NAC Presents all-Canadian music series. He also curated a mini-series for NAC Presents called “Spotlights” showcasing 5 performances by emerging artists.

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