NAC Hip Hop Theatre Festival

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NAC Hip Hop Theatre Festival 
Curated by Rose-Ingrid Benjamin with Nina Lee Aquino and NAC Popular Music and Variety
NAC English Theatre
January 31 - February 10, 2024

Emerging in the 1970s from disenfranchised Black communities in the Bronx, hip hop has exerted a resounding influence on Canadian culture for the past four and a half decades. The five elements of deejaying, emceeing, graffiti, breaking and knowledge characterize hip hop not only as a musical genre but a lifestyle and culture – a highly performative art form boasting a rich history of international events which pay homage to hip hop’s inherently theatrical foundation. Inspired by this reality, the NAC Hip Hop Theatre Festival invites you to join us as we celebrate the power found at this intersection.  
The NAC Hip Hop Theatre Festival will host ten events over 11 days, featuring two concerts from Popular Music and Variety’s Fridays at the Fourth series, two free panels and the Spoken Word presentation The Old Black Maple, will hold two performances, including the second Black Out Night for English Theatre in 2023-2024.

To check out the entire festival, check out the schedulet:

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