Music Alive Program connects in Ottawa

Trumpet player Rachel Niego-Akavak first met NAC Orchestra musician Karen Donnelly in 2012 through the Music Alive Program in Nunavut. Rachel is a talented young musician but she did not have a trumpet teacher to take her music training to the next level.

Over the past two years Karen has been instructing Rachel via videoconference and providing tools that allow Rachel to develop an analytical approach to her music making. Earlier this month Rachel had the opportunity to visit Ottawa and after a brief visit to the Hexagon studio the two musicians eagerly began their lesson at the National Arts Centre.

The NAC's Music Alive Program was developed in collaboration with local partners and advisors to provide a wide range of activities to support music development in remote communities. Since its launch in 2005, the program has visited more than 425 schools and reached more than 60,000 children in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Nunavut.

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