Like a herd of turtles

Carissa Klopoushak's violin case
At the airport in Hong Kong

My friend Toby uses the expression "Off like a herd of turtles" to announce the slow departure pace of her family when they set off for their daily activities. I kept thinking of this expression as I travelled along airport corridors, waited by luggage carousels and customs with our group of 70 musicians plus staff.

We are very fortunate to have every detail of our travel itinerary planned by our very adept and composed Tour Manager Nelson McDougall. In fact, more than once today I found I had put my brain on autopilot and simply followed the violin case in front of me instead of paying attention to the signage around me. Perhaps I just need a good night's rest.

In any case we have all arrived safely in Hong Kong and here's hoping that everyone in this musical herd stays together for the duration of this fantastic trip.

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