It’s all about the loading dock

And you thought your aunt’s Christmas gifts were a chore to unwrap!
Every orchestra case had to clear security at each of the airports and concert halls

For musicians on tour it's all about the acoustics. Each venue provides a different sound that requires musicians to adjust their playing accordingly.

For the NAC's technical crew it's all about the loading dock. A good loading dock will enable the crew to unload the instruments and wardrobe cases quickly, preferably with direct access to backstage. A bad loading dock experience can result in delays, equipment damage and general frustration that is magnified once 70 musicians file backstage looking for their instruments and wardrobes.

Pasquale Cornachia and his team (Malcom Elliot and Tim Shannon) are an integral part of the NAC Orchestra's tour to China and their performance behind the scenes has been bravissimo!

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