Frédérick Gravel explains why ‘Usually Beauty Fails’

Frédérick Gravel is a philosopher searching for beauty using the language of dance. "My idea of beauty is constructed by the era, the society, the media." It is an ideal that Gravel finds himself constantly evaluating and re-imagining in his acclaimed work Usually Beauty Fails.

Gravel feels that all of us are contributing to the ever changing definition of beauty in society. "We are pursuing something that we are constructing at the same time." In the same way that moments of music, theatre and dance intermingle fluidly throughout the performance, there is no single image or moment that defines the work.  Playing with the codes of contemporary dance and pop culture Gravel confronts and transforms our pre-conceived notions of perfection.

"Even though beauty fails to convince me, I still seek it out," explains Gravel "as if to challenge it: "Yes, then what?"

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