Choreographer Mélanie Demers provides 3 words that describe her work

Choreographer Mélanie Demers provides the viewer with three words to describe her work: combat, débat and ébat (combat, debate and romp or lovemaking). "They have a lot of meaning for me, they’re a kind of summary of the way I interact with the world."

Demers’ studies in literature, dance and theatre inform the work she presents on stage. It's a world where word and gesture are often explored. Demers' choreography has been described as intense, complex and playful; she does not shy away from political and social issues. Instead she views dance as an art form that can spark discussion. 

"I like the idea that art is a forum for debating ideas, concepts, principles, and dance can do that too." says Demers.

On June 6th the Canada Dance Festival will premiere Mélanie Demers' latest work Animal Triste

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