Five Minutes with Gabrielle Shonk

Gabrielle Shonk © Norman Wong

A Q&A with the emerging singer/songwriter who is winning hearts at the NAC

Quebec singer/songwriter, Gabrielle Shonk, has performed at the NAC three times in the past year and she’ll be back again in February.  We asked the emerging young musician how it feels to perform on Canada’s stage.

Q:  How would you describe your first experience performing at the NAC?

A:  It was great.  I opened for Hannah Georgas in the Azrieli Studio and I fell in love with that room.  It felt so intimate and the audience was so receptive.  Nobody really knew me but they were open to what I was doing.

Q:  What was it like to be one of the first to perform at the  re-opening of the Fourth Stage?

A:  I felt very honoured.  It told me the people at the NAC have faith in me.  They believe in the potential of my show and it’s nice to have that support. 

Q:  Donors help give emerging artists the chance to perform on Canada’s stage.  Why are these opportunities so important?

A:  For me, playing live is the reason I make music.  To have the opportunity to perform and put my music out there and connect with an audience is so important.  Thanks to donor support, emerging artists get a chance to build more of a following and a foundation for our career.

Q:  You will be performing your own concert at the NAC in February.  What does this opportunity mean to you?

A:  It’s very exciting to have the chance to play my whole record and have my own show in such a special space.

Q:  Is there a message of thanks you’d like to share with supporters who provide performance opportunities for emerging artists?

A:  I have so much gratitude.  It’s nice to know people are passionate about new music and committed to helping emerging artists get our music out there.

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