September 2020 Update on Live Performances and Events at the NAC.

Donor Profile: Michel and Nicole Drapeau

Michel and Nicole Drapeau © Photo submitted

Sharing their passion for the performing arts with a younger generation

Michel and Nicole Drapeau know it’s going to be a special evening.  With anticipation, they lead the youngsters into Southam Hall for The Nutcracker.

“It’s fun to see the expressions on their faces when they first enter the room,” says Michel.  “Most have never been at the NAC before.  They’re so impressed by it all and I hope it will have a lasting impression.”

Bringing their friends’ children and grandchildren to the NAC is one way Nicole and Michel are sharing their passion for the performing arts.   Another way is through their generous support for the NAC Foundation.   Their contributions help fund vital education and outreach programs – exposing youth to the arts they hold so dear.

“We’d like to see more young people develop a taste for the performing arts but we recognize that can’t happen unless they have the opportunity to attend performances or participate in workshops,” explains Nicole.  “It’s up to us to give them that opportunity.”  

Michel and Nicole also feel it’s important to give back in return for the hours of enjoyment they find at the NAC each year.  “The arts are nourishment for the soul,” says Michel.  “We attend performances on a Friday and it’s a nice way to end the week – relax, enjoy and experience an artistic interlude.”

The desire to give back is also the reason the Drapeaus named a seat in Southam Hall and encourage others to support the NAC.  “You give and you receive so much in return.  It allows you to develop an intimacy with the NAC.  It’s no longer the Centre, it’s your Centre.  You go there and feel at home,” Michel says.  “Donating to the NAC Foundation doesn’t make you poorer, it makes you richer.”

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