Donor Profile: Jenepher Hooper

Jenepher Hooper

Generous legacy gift in support of theatre will make a lasting difference

In the 1970’s, Jenepher Hooper played a vital role behind-the-scenes at the National Arts Centre.  

Employed in the Prop Shop, her work included property construction under the supervision of Peter Horne for the 1973 productions of Oh What a Lovely War and The Tempest.

Jenepher’s love for the performing arts, specifically theatre, never wavered over the decades.  When it came time to write her Will, Jenepher wanted to remember what had been so important in her life. “Jenepher felt the NAC was very deserving of funding,” says Nancy Laws-Lepage, Jenepher’s friend and Executrix of her estate.  “She put a lot of time and thought into where she would leave her money.”

Jenepher passed away on January 19, 2015 leaving a legacy that will make a resounding difference to future generations of artists.   Her estate will donate $2.5 million in support of education programs in English and French Theatre, as well as to the Indigenous Theatre Department, which will present its first season in 2019.

“Ms. Hooper’s backstage contribution as a valued member of the NAC’s production team is now matched by her amazing gift,” says Peter Herrndorf, NAC President and CEO.  “To receive a charitable gift in a Will like this is a great vote of confidence in the future of the NAC.”

Nancy explained that Jenepher was deeply committed to doing “good works”.  She was very enthusiastic that part of her gift will be used to create an endowment for Theatre that will impact the lives of young people for years to come.  “Jenepher wanted to support youth to do what they are passionate about,” Nancy says. “She wanted to give them the opportunity to follow their dreams.”

In acknowledgment of Jenepher’s generosity, the NAC Prop Shop will be named for her.  “She’d be thrilled by that,” says Nancy.  “It would have meant a lot to her.”

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