Bringing Beethoven to Life

Simone lamsma - photo by otto van den toorn
Simone Lamsma Photo: Otto van den Toorn
30577 beethovenstriumph monitor
Christian Zacharias

As a special thank you to its generous supporters, the National Arts Centre Foundation invited donors to take a glimpse into the inner workings of the NAC Orchestra, by attending an open rehearsal of Beethoven’s Triumph; a program consisting of the works of Beethoven conducted by Christian Zacharias.

After enjoying the NAC Orchestra’s near perfect rehearsal of Beethoven’s violin concerto featuring violin soloist Simone Lamsma, attendees were treated to an intermission chat with renowned music journalist Jaques Van Vlasselaer.  A well known face and voice at the NAC, Van Vlasselaer has over 50 articles published on performances and works in the field of music and opera, and was able to provide historical context and intriguing back stories about the classical pieces features in the show. With his incredible knowledge and storytelling skills, he transported the audience back to the 1800s when Beethoven was hardest at work. The inspiring link between those long ago times and Beethoven’s place in the world today set the stage perfectly for donors to enjoy Beethoven’s Symphonie No. 4 in the second half of the rehearsal, helping them appreciate the inspiration and genius behind Beethoven’s masterpieces even more.

 A special thank you to our Open Rehearsal and Preview Sponsor, Rob Marland, Royal LePage Performance Realty who makes these sessions possible for NAC Foundation donors.

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