An important stage for Canadian artists like Emilie-Claire Barlow

Emilie-Claire Barlow

Emilie-Claire Barlow, a Juno Award and National Jazz Award winning vocalist from Toronto, calls it a dream come true.

On December 18th, Emilie-Claire and the NAC Orchestra will perform together in Southam Hall as part of the NAC Orchestra and NAC Presents 2015-16 Season.  “I’m very much looking forward to playing with the NAC Orchestra,” she says.  “It means so much to me to bring music alive on stage in my home country.”

This is not the first time Emilie-Claire has performed on Canada’s stage.  As she says, “I’ve had a wonderful, long relationship with the NAC.”  In the past, Emilie-Claire has performed in the NAC Studio twice, as part of the NAC Presents. 

“I’m happy to see the NAC dedicate itself to building the careers of Canadian artists,” says Emilie-Claire.  “By investing in Canadian artists it benefits us all.”

Simone Deneau, NAC Presents Producer, agrees.  “NAC Presents is a vehicle for artists to be featured on a national stage.  Investing in an artist with great potential, then inviting them back to perform on bigger stages, for bigger audiences, speaks directly to our commitment to championing their work and supporting their creative growth,” she says.

In Southam Hall, Emilie-Claire will perform a selection of festive favourites as well as introduce pieces from her new album Clear Day recorded with Grammy-Award winner Metropole Orkest.  “I’ve invested a year of my life to create this album.  It can be a scary thing to do as an artist.  You do it to express yourself and to reach audiences,” she says.  “That’s why I’m so grateful to NAC donors.  When people support the NAC, the NAC can in turn support us.  And that support reinforces that I’m doing the right thing with my life.” 

“I’m happy and proud to have the support of my home country and grateful to NAC supporters who help to grow the careers of Canadian musicians.”

Emilie-Claire Barlow

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