A musical experience for autistic children

The NAC Orchestra has many wonderful concerts that bring the joy of music to young people. However for kids who are on the Austistic Spectrum attending a live performance can be overwhelming. 

In order to reach out to this group of music lovers the NAC collaborated with Erin Parkes the President of the Lotus Centre for Special Music Education to develop Music Circle - a series of workshops that would enable them to experience a high quality music performance. One parent noted that her son is extremely fond of classical music - often requesting it at breakfast! Through experiences such as this she hopes that one day her son will feel comfortable sharing a concert performance with a full audience. 

"It (music) has a special effect on all of us. I'm really convinced of that. " says NAC Orchestra musician Elizabeth Simpson. Indeed, the children were a very enthusiastic bunch; conducting, dancing and humming along to the music. After the performance finished the children were eager to get their hands on the brass instruments and try them out for themselves. 

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