A late night recording session with singer-songwriter Doug Paisley

It was almost a year ago when singer-songwriter Doug Paisley rolled his vintage recording equipment across the red carpet of Southam Hall's mezzanine. The stages were dark and the lobby lights dim as guitars were unpacked and cups of take out coffee cooled on the intermission bar. Renowned musician Garth Hudson from The Band sat down at Glenn Gould's CD 318 piano to accompany Doug Paisley and fellow musician Darcy Yates. Together they recorded music until the early morning hours.

The results of the session can be heard on Doug Paisley's newest album "Strong Feelings" to be released later this January. No doubt the spirit of Glenn Gould's imaginative interpretations and love of the recording process will be heard in the final results.

"What's Up Is Down" written by Doug Paisley. Performed by Doug Paisley - guitar/vocals, Darcy Yates - bass, Garth Hudson - piano, Mary Margaret O'Hara - vocals, Colin Stetson - horns. Filmed / edited by Mitch Fillion at the National Arts Centre

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