A dazzling concert in Salisbury Cathedral

Hearing Pinchas Zukerman and the NAC Orchestra perform a live concert of such extraordinary beauty and musicality is one way to bring healing to human suffering. As Maestro Zukerman says, “A live concert experience brings you extraordinary joy, and healing. It can be a major life experience. That’s why people come, that’s why they want more. With music, you can reach the depths of human experience.”

A highlight of the orchestra’s UK Tour, the concert in Salisbury took place just 10 miles from the original encampment of the first Canadian contingent to arrive in the U.K. The chalky soil and verdant rolling hills of Salisbury Plain still house the biggest military training ground in the United Kingdom, and many Canadians maintain personal links to the area to this day.

CBC Television and Radio is planning extensive coverage of the NAC’s concert at the Salisbury Cathedral. The concert will be broadcast on CBC Radio 2 on November 11th and on CBC Television as part of its Remembrance Day special coverage. An hour-long broadcast of the concert will presented during the holidays season on CBC Television. 

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