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$8 Play Series

Theatre Summer events

Don’t let the small price fool you. These plays hit big. Almost every week, a new artist will leave you moved by their evocative performance about their lived experience with disability, mental health, or self-discovery. Pre-purchase your tickets today. You only have six chances to see one before it’s gone. 

Upcoming events

  1. “Crippled” that's what the guys in Tony’s small community of Shale Harbour Newfoundland used to call him growing up. The name stuck.  … read more

  2. Puzzle Théâtre creates an atypical, colourful puppet show, full of humour and unexpected situations. Creating a world of wonder filled with imagination … read more

  3. Is ignorance really bliss? And what happens when we learn things we wish had remained secret? Jamie’s got a secret. And it’s a doozy.  Jamie … read more

  4. Critically acclaimed Legally Blind performer and creator Bruce Horak lives with 9% of his vision and has, over the last decade, painted a series of over 1,000 unique … read more

  5. It is impossible to perfectly tune a piano – something that musician and theatre-maker James Smith knows all too well. A few years ago, James taught himself … read more

  6. In Zach (she/her), Tommi, a displaced, adopted trans girl with a chip on one shoulder and a guitar on the other, hops a greyhound bus from Calgary to Vancouver … read more