Points of View

Infinity : Music, Math and Theoretical Physics

Mar 16, 2017 52:47

The cynical, skeptical daughter of a theoretical physicist and a composer, Sarah Jean’s clinical approach to love meets with little success. In this absorbing drama infused with science and classical music, three exceptional minds collide like charged particles in an accelerator. Sarah Jean’s hugely talented yet severely dysfunctional family will learn that love and time itself are connected in unimaginable ways. Infinity is the highly-anticipated NAC debut of Ottawa-raised Hannah Moscovitch, one of Canada’s most exciting playwrights.

Infinity is one of those wonderful plays that make you feel smarter. The writing is clever and the performances are profound. And, having a pre-schooler at the time I saw the show, Sarah Jean’s epic little girl tantrum made me cringe with delight!” – Jillian Keiley, Artistic director, NAC English Theatre