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While the Kanien’kehá:ka Nation is recognized as the custodians of the lands and waters around Kawenote Teiontiakon (Island of Montreal), Indigenous Cities Montreal celebrates contemporary and traditional perspectives on what it means to work, play and continue to live in Tiohtià:ke in Kanien’kéha or Mooniyang in Anishinaabemowin, which is historically known as a gathering place for many Indigenous peoples. 

An NAC Indigenous Theatre and National Theatre School of Canada co-presentation

Welcome and introduction

  • montreal-intro-jimmy-blais
    Plains Cree, Muskeg Lake Cree Nation Jimmy Blais

Community © Jessica Hernandez, Bear Clan, Kahnawake, Qc


Walk around the areas highlighted on the map to listen to the stories on location. All you need is a device with you that can run the link in a browser (Internet connection required).

  • Jonas and Copernicus

    Planetarium, Olympic Stadium, Montreal, Quebec
    • Featuring Ange Loft
    • jonas-arahkwente-gilbert-canadian-art-cr-stacy-lee
      Featuring Jonas Arahkwen:te Gilbert

    Ange Loft is an interdisciplinary performing artist and initiator working in arts based research, wearable sculpture, theatrical co-creation and Haudenosaunee history. Co-created with collaborator Jonas Arahkwen:te Gilbert, Jonas and Copernicus examines a contemporary Kanienkehaka Gay experience in the city and the future life of Gibert and renaissance polymath Capernicus, together as astronomer and hair stylist to the stars. 

  • Napatat

    Des Royaux Park, corner of Larivière and De Lorimier, Montreal, Quebec
    • soleil-launiere-cr-lucile-parry-canet
      Featuring Soleil Launière

    Soleil Launière intertwines notions of two-spirit body while drawing inspiration from cosmogony and the Innu world. Working with memory holder Étoile du matin, Napatat honours sacred connections through roots, a performance piece creating a medicine path as a healing process through earth and souls.

  • Kanientara‘ta:tie The Riverway

    The Fur Trade at Lachine National Historic Site
    • Featuring Alan Harrington

    Alan Harrington is an activist for land and water rights. Blending stories from Elders and community, Kanientara’ta:tie The Riverway, First Nation’s original first highway is a river journey from Kanehstake to Tiohtià:ke with a goal of meeting Greta Thunberg and a re-imagining of what it was like to travel the river, the calmness and serenity of “the trading” highway.

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