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Valery Gore set out to claim new territory on her third and upcoming album Idols In The Dark Heart. Four years in the making, this album charters a course across the turbulent waters of human relationships, encountering love, loss, and the shadows of nostalgia and doubt. Navigated by Gore’s throaty, candid voice, the listener is swept through a lush and lyrical paradise filled with synth melodies, confident acoustics and low Moog bass lines. The end result is an exquisitely crafted blend of woven harmonies and melodic hooks that feels like a journey to exotic shores.

Gore was a pianist before explorer. Training formally from the age of eight, she developed her classical chops into conceptual songwriting with a shift to jazz studies at Humber College in Toronto, Valery’s home base. Her debut album established her solid fan base and reputation for innovative songwriting, and Exclaim Magazine noted her second album, Avalanche To Wandering Bear as “one of the best written and produced records of the year.” Now Gore’s back with her most exciting collection of songs to date, where ideas are expressed in beats and bass lines, and the piano makes room for the conversing of guests. The structure of the album is rich and textured, yet still accessible with its pop smarts pleasantly intact.

In a recent show review, Exclaim Magazine described Gore as “quite possibly the most underrated sonic artist in this or any other country, breathing new life into traditional song forms with idiosyncratic melodies, subtly complex rhythms and eclectic arrangements that reveal an expansive listening palate. Casual and charming on stage when not astounding with her involving piano work and vocals.”

video: With The Future - Valery Gore (Official Video)
With The Future - Valery Gore (Official Video)