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© (c) Gilles Landry

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A chaotic, surprising and disconcerting odyssey, this is the journey taken by Pierre-Guy B., for whom INTEGRITY is a way of life. The peregrinations of an indefatigable funambulist, the back-and-forth of the pendulum, the fullness of instability.

Inspired by percussionist Pierre-Guy Blanchard’s quest for authenticity, Philippe Soldevila presents in this long voyage his second biographical fiction imbued with an Acadian touch. After Les trois exils de Christian E. (presented at Zones Théâtrales in 2011), he is once again sculpting raw material whose substance is none other than the existence of a singular musician. With the complicity of the latter and also of Christian Essiambre (a partner of long standing), Soldevila gives voice to the life of a young man who refuses to compromise.

Pierre-Guy B. himself ensures the orchestration of the presentation. A veritable matrix, the space comes alive with sounds, words and images. As memory machines, the instruments give rhythm to a past that is presented raw and direct, convulsed by waves of introspection.

From Beirut to the land of La Sagouine
From acid to morning coffee
From Novi Sad to Charlo
From low frequency to reverb
From Budapest to Montreal
I may be po’ but I be happy

Different points of view punctuate this expedition without a compass. It is up to the spectator to follow them and observe the wide-ranging paths traced by the searing intensity of another life.

In partnership with Winterlude, the Capital's winter celebration.

video: Le long voyage de Pierre-Guy B.
Le long voyage de Pierre-Guy B.