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Shelagh Rogers hosts this special film screening and talks with guests Rabindranath Maharaj, Noah Richler and director Geoff Morrison about their experiences participating in the Northwords film project.

Hosted by: Shelagh Rogers
With: Noah Richler, Rabindranath Maharaj, Geoff Morrison

In the summer of 2011, award-winning journalist and activist, and beloved CBC radio personality Shelagh Rogers handpicked five of Canada’s leading writers to accompany her to a remote corner of northern Labrador to explore and seek inspiration, and to instigate new stories and conversations about the North.

This 50-minute film tracks the group as they navigate the harsh and stunning terrain of Torngat Mountains National Park. Trading in their comfortable daily routines for tents and vast, rugged landscapes, the writers participate in helicopter rides, interact with Inuit elders, witness caribou hunts and polar bears, and make discoveries not only about the land and its mysteries, but about themselves.

The film
Featuring: Joseph Boyden, Alissa York, Noah Richler, Sarah Leavitt, Rabindranath Maharaj
Narrated by: Shelagh Rogers
Produced by: Joel McConvey, Geoff Morrison, Ryan Noth

A FilmCAN Production

Presented in association with the Ottawa International Writers Festival, with the support of the Nunatsiavut Government, in collaboration with Parks Canada Agency