Dawson Town Melted Down

Lulu Keating

Degrees North

Dan Sokolowski

Finding Milton

Daniel Janke

Come Back Little Star

Andrew Connors

Degrees North is a feature documentary shot south to north across the latitudes of Canada by Dawson City’s Dan Sokolowski. An exploration of the beauty of the North through 16mm film, it begins at Pelee Island (42 degrees North) and finishes at the Arctic Circle (66 degrees North). Using light, colour and composition, Degrees North is an alchemistic blend of live action landscape photography, animation, and music by Peter Togni, Sanctuary, Rebecca Campbell and Ian Tamblyn.

Degrees North will be preceded by three short films from Yukon: Andrew ConnorsCome Back Little Star, Daniel Janke’s Finding Milton, and Lulu Keating’s Dawson Town Melted Down.

Filmmakers: Dan Sokolowski, Andrew Connors, Daniel Janke, Lulu Keating

Presented by the Independent Filmmakers Co-operative of Ottawa Inc. (IFCO), in collaboration with the NAC’s Northern Scene

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