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After the release of her first solo album, There Will Be Stars, in 2009, Nunavik’s Elisapie undertook a massive, 150-date tour of Quebec. Since then, the incredibly talented singer-songwriter has toured across the country, winning a growing fan base for her unique brand of tuneful pop infused with electronica and folk. Her second solo album, Travelling Love, was released last October to great acclaim.

Western Canadian Music Awards nominee for Songwriter of the Year and winner for Roots Solo Album of the Year in 2012, Sarah MacDougall is enjoying the kind of success most musicians can only dream of. Known for her honest and poetic songs, blistering guitar chops and unique voice, Sarah is the most-played artist on Galaxie music network’s Folk/Roots channel. With her live show rated “2nd best gig” by the UK Independent, it’s only a matter of time before Sarah MacDougall is a household name!

Sarah MacDougall