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Eric Peterson © Guntar Kravis
How often do we get the opportunity to wrap our heads around the big questions of our time and really flex that muscle between our ears? Seeds is that opportunity. It is a stunning and vastly important piece of documentary theatre…

NAC Presentation

A Porte Parole (Montreal) production

This passionate and provocative docudrama – part courtroom confrontation, part social satire – sows the seeds of doubt. Centering on the four-year legal showdown between biotech giant Monsanto and Saskatchewan farmer Percy Schmeiser, the highly-acclaimed Seeds leads us through a high-voltage labyrinth of political manoeuvering, patent wars, and cash-fuelled science. Quite simply, Seeds is about the food we eat. Thought-provoking and irreverent, this deft piece of theatrical storytelling is an intellectual and emotional tour de force.

Did you know?
Much of the text is taken verbatim from court trial transcripts, news broadcasts, and interviews with the case’s stakeholders.

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Performance is approximately 2 hours 30 minutes including intermission.

video: Seeds by Annabel Soutar
Seeds by Annabel Soutar
video: See What Audiences Are Saying About Seeds
See What Audiences Are Saying About Seeds
Eric Peterson © Guntar Kravis
Mariah Inger, Christine Beaulieu, Cary Lawrence © Maxime Côté
Eric Peterson © Maxime Côté
Christine Beaulieu, Alex Ivanovici © Maxime Côté
Tanja Jacobs, Mariah Inger, Bruce Dinsmore, Eric Peterson, Alex Ivanovici © Guntar Kravis
Tanja Jacobs, Eric Peterson © Maxime Côté