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Theatre Drama Canadian
  • NAC English Theatre

  Nov 3 - 7, 2021   1 hour with no intermission.

In Entangled, an audio play by Jacob Berkowitz, physics meets psychology as we explore the long, real-life intellectual friendship between Nobel Laureate physicist Wolfgang Pauli and his therapist Carl Jung, the pioneering psychoanalyst.

Pauli’s work helped us unravel the mysteries of the atom, but he couldn’t fathom his own dreams. Jung revolutionized dream interpretation, but struggled for scientific respectability. In a death-dream state, Pauli and Jung meet for a powerful final entanglement at the intersection of science and the human condition.

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Theatre and Physics Symposium Panels 
The Theatre and Physics Symposium will offer NAC audiences a series of parallel conversations sparked by the plays, culminating in a world-expanding, mind-bending investigation led by some of modern physics’ greatest thought leaders from across Canada, moderated by Host of CBC Ideas, Nahlah Ayed.

Mind and Matter  
Saturday, November 6 at 12 noon  
Panelists Jacob Berkowitz, Dr. Monnica Williams, Dr. Bojana Stefanovic
In Entangled, Carl Jung and Wolfgang Pauli grapple with how to integrate discoveries in physics and psychology.

  • Original theatrical production was directed by Cathy Clark
  • Edit, sound design and audio mix by Chris Tolley
  • Stage Manager Jane Osborn

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