June 30, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.
DJ Sixtopaz © Alexandre Berthier

Zoomé décalé

Confined masquerade ball

Online event
This event has passed
DJ Sixtopaz © Alexandre Berthier
Family programming Music Theatre Youth Dance Children Festival events

Ready for the parade? Welcome to our virtual dance floor!

It’s time to dress up for a crazy costume ball! Dig out your best outfit or rummage through that pile of clothes slumbering deep in your closet, and join the party! Families are already parading on the gleaming virtual dance floor. It’s enough to make you forget that we’re all in our living rooms. Crank up the volume... and we’re off! Let loose and dance to the beat until your legs won’t hold you up anymore. Who says we can’t still party together?

Join us as DJ Sixtopaz, alias Alexandre Berthier, orchestrates this merry masquerade and gets everyone moving in sync! Master of the turntables for the evening, he delivers an energetic mix of electro and world rhythms specially designed to keep families dancing!

Broadcasting live on Zoom | Reservation is required

120 minutes ● Bilingual ● All ages (under adult supervision) ● Free

The Terms and conditions of the event can be consulted here.

Approximately 2 hours long

DJ Sixtopaz © Alexandre Berthier


  • DJ and VJ Sixtopaz aka Alexandre Berthier
  • Live webcam editing Philippe Lessard Drolet
  • Co-presentation Mois Multi and BIG BANG Festival Ottawa (National Arts Centre)