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Dominique Quesnel © Scène nationale du son

La Queens - Episode 1


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Dominique Quesnel © Scène nationale du son

The Queens’s owner draws her last breath. Shortly after her death, her youngest daughter Sophie, who wants to take up the family business, learns that her eldest sister Marie-Élizabeth intends to sell it. As Marie-Élizabeth, an internationally renowned pianist, is away on tour, she has appointed her daughter Caroline, a lawyer, to handle the transaction. Caroline soon realizes that her aunt will be a formidable foe…  

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Dominique Quesnel © Scène nationale du son


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  • Written by Jean Marc Dalpé
  • With the voices of Marie-Thérèse Fortin, Dominique Quesnel, Alice Pascual, Hamidou Savadogo, David Boutin and Jean Marc Dalpé
  • Directed by Julien Morissette
  • Sound and technical director François Larivière
  • Executive producer Stéphanie Laurin
  • Coproduction NAC French Theatre and Scène nationale du son
  • In collaboration with La fabrique culturelle
  • With the participation of Théâtre de La Manufacture