September 2020 Update on Live Performances and Events at the NAC.
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until the next breath

Catalyst Theatre (Edmonton, AB)

© Ed Ellis, Ellis Brothers Photography
  • Created by Jonathan Christenson, Bretta Gerecke, Laura Krewski and Matthew Skopyk

Breath. It begins and ends our lives, and in-between, it sustains us, as we reach out to connect – to touch, and be touched, by others.

But what happens in the face of a virus that isolates us, deprives us of touch, and threatens to steal our breath away? In this pause between inhalation and exhalation – afloat between what was and what will be – how do we take our next breath? How do we live? How do we thrive? 

Fifty performers join Catalyst Theatre on a musical journey that invites audience members to breathe through fear and uncertainty and dance into the beautiful unknown.

Exact time and location of this event to be confirmed. Please check here for updates.
Please note performance time is indicated in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). Please adjust for your local time zone.

As the performing arts sector continues to face unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Arts Centre has responded with Grand Acts of Theatre, an initiative to bring Canadian artists and audiences together. Eleven of Canada’s most innovative theatre companies have been engaged to create and perform large-scale, new works in response to these times, which will be performed outdoors in front of live audiences in various Canadian locations, filmed, and later shared online.

This event will be photographed and recorded, with excerpts being presented online at a later date, so we are advising all attendees that by attending the event, individuals are deemed to consent to the recording of their image and use of their image in connection with recordings and photographs of the event, which may be published. All video recordings and images of the event captured by the organizers shall be the sole property of organizers and all rights of personality, publicity, privacy, or other rights of participants in recordings or photographs shall be deemed to have been waived.

© Ed Ellis, Ellis Brothers Photography


  • Created by Jonathan Christenson, Bretta Gerecke, Laura Krewski and Matthew Skopyk