January 13, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.
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The Fire Kedgys’ Howl

Neighbourhood Dance Works (St. John's, NL)

This event has passed
© Jill Wilcott
Theatre Dance
  • Artistic Producer Calla Lachance
  • Project Consultant Lois Brown
  • Choral Direction Kellie Walsh

The Fire Kedgys’ Howl is a mythological intervention depicting the arrival of a luminescent, otherworldly community.

The Kedgys’ call us to pull up our sleeves, blow the horn, catch the ropes and right the ship’s path to safer ground. A collective ‘cry for help’, this ethereal work evokes feelings of urgency and discovery. It provokes compassion and awakens us to the resilient nature inherent in all beings so we may do better in our current, conflicted world.

Kedgy, according to the Dictionary of Newfoundland English, is someone who does all the odd jobs on a boat - sound the fog horn, pull up the lines, etc. We thought this image was compelling to explore because this is someone we might not think of as a "rescuer of humanity" - and yet they do what needs to be done, to emerge out of the fog, out of danger, to catch the ropes and get everyone ashore safely.

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© Jill Wilcott


  • Artistic Producer Calla Lachance
  • Project Consultant Lois Brown
  • Additional Advisors Emily Deming Martin, Pam Hall, Jamie Skidmore, Sarah Joy Stoker, Anne Troake
  • Choral Direction Kellie Walsh
  • Music Composition Andrew Staniland
  • Mask, Headgear Design Sara Tilley
  • Costume Design Kelly Bruton
  • Choreographic Direction Andrya Duff, Louise Moyes, Andrea Tucker
  • Text Development Santiago Guzmán
  • Production Manager Sharon King Campbell
  • Graphic Design Knoah Bender
  • Technical Director Victor Tilley
  • Filmmaker Justin Simms
  • NDW Administration and PR Support Branden On, Sarah Smellie