January 13, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.
© Freda Diesing (1925-2002)

Breaking Ground: Freda Diesing, Helen Kalvak, Janet Kigusiuq, Rita Letendre

Four exhibitions produced by Carleton University Art Gallery

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© Freda Diesing (1925-2002)
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First Nations, Inuit and Métis women have always been at the forefront at preserving and advancing Indigenous artistic expression. From their homes, communities and studios, and in galleries, museums and cultural centres, they create and shape the cultural memory and heritage of Turtle Island.

In conjunction with the Indigenous Theatre’s inaugural season at the National Arts Centre and its premiere Indigenous Arts festival, Mòshkamo Indigenous Arts Festival, Carleton University Art Gallery is honoured to present the work of four groundbreaking Indigenous women artists: Helen Kalvak (1901-1984), Freda Diesing (1925-2002), Janet Kigusiuq (1926-2005) and Rita Letendre (b. 1928). Focused solo exhibitions installed throughout the NAC will shine a spotlight on the extraordinary talent, inventiveness and dynamism of these artists, who have made remarkable contributions to the cultural landscape of this nation.

The exhibitions feature drawings and prints selected from the collection of Carleton University Art Gallery, in Ottawa. Danielle Printup is curating the exhibitions featuring Freda Diesing and Rita Letendre, while Krista Ulujuk Zawadski is curating the exhibitions featuring Janet Kigusiuq and Helen Kalvak.

© Freda Diesing (1925-2002)
© Helen Kalvak (1901-1984)
© Janet Kigusiuq (1926-2005)
© Rita Letendre (b. 1928)