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We had thought – without really quite believing it – that Tournée 2017 was the farewell tour for Alain Morisod & Sweet People. "Another farewell?" you might joke…  but then you don’t know mischievous side of the untiring Swiss musician, who once held up a poster as evidence and told us with a big grin that he had said his "premiers adieux" (first goodbyes) in… 1976!

That’s why we’re eagerly looking forward to the return of this unique group in spring 2019, since things will be somewhat different from now on. After 40 years of sterling service, Jean‑Jacques Egli, a veteran member of the group, has decided to retire. At the age of 74, he is looking forward to a well-deserved rest, far from the stage and the studio.

Alain has decided not to replace him, and for all the right reasons. The other members of the group, the energetic and smooth Fred Vonlanthen, spellbinding singer Julien Laurence (the eternal surprise guest performer for the past 12 years), and of course Mady Rudaz, she of the heart-rending crystal-clear voice, will keep the feeling and sound of Sweet People intact. They still have so much to sing about!

The coming performances by the new-look group, and the new songs from their next CD Ainsi soit-il! (Amen!) will amply demonstrate this.

Audiences can therefore look forward to a concert that reflects both continuity and change. You don’t change a successful formula: the same longstanding musicians, the same satisfying length of show (around three hours), the same savvy mix of hits, new songs and retro surprises, and last but not least, the reassuring and edgy presence of Alain Morisod who, as it happens, is celebrating his 50 years in the business this year!

A night out with SWEET PEOPLE can’t be put into words – it has to be experienced in person and savoured right to the last note!