Christine Horne © Dahlia Katz
“A fearless, imaginative reimagining of Hamlet that consistently challenges our perceptions.”  Slotkin Letter
  • Adapted from William Shakespeare and Directed by Ravi Jain

NAC English Theatre Presentation

A Why Not Theatre (Toronto, ON) Production

When he learns his father’s death was no accident, Prince Hamlet sets out to find the truth for himself. Staring down his own mortality, the prince uses theatre and trickery to gain a confession from his uncle, and ultimately becomes a killer himself.

Visionary director Ravi Jain brings forward a Hamlet for our rapidly changing times: a daring, stylish and inclusive take on the world’s most famous play. The national tour of this highly-acclaimed production is not to be missed. 

Christine Horne © Dahlia Katz
Christine Horne © Bronwen Sharp
Dawn Jani Birley © Bronwen Sharp
Christine Horne, Karen Robinson © Bronwen Sharp
Dawn Jani Birley, Rick Roberts, Christine Horne © Bronwen Sharp
Rick Roberts, Maria Vacratsis, Karen Robinson © Bronwen Sharp
Christine Horne © Bronwen Sharp
© Bronwen Sharp


  • Adapted from William Shakespeare and Directed by Ravi Jain
  • Set and Costume Designer Lorenzo Savoini
  • Sound Designer Thomas Ryder Payne
  • Lighting Designer André du Toit