Ballet BC

BEGINNING AFTER, Enemy in the Figure, New Creation

© Cindi Wicklund
"Ballet BC is physically rigorous, dramatically solid, and truly contemporary." Kaija Pepper, Dance Magazine, 2013

NAC Presentation

Under the artistic direction of Emily Molnar, Ballet BC is lauded for its outstanding versatility and technique wherever it performs. In this specially curated program, the company’s fearless dancers will lead you on an emotionally exhilarating ride.  From Molnar’s highly anticipated new work, to the breathtaking BEGINNING AFTER by Cayetano Soto set to sacred music of the Baroque period, and the sharp and techno-kinetic energy of Enemy in the Figure by William Forsythe, this spectacular evening of contemporary ballet will not leave you wanting, only wanting more. 

Did you know: Emily Molnar was awarded an Order of Canada in 2017 in recognition of her remarkable work as artistic director of Ballet BC.


Performance is approximately 2 hours including intermission.

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Ballet BC
© Cindi Wicklund
© Cindi Wicklund
© Cindi Wicklund


  • Featuring Ballet BC
  • Artistic Director Emily Molnar
  • Enemy in the Figure CHOREOGRAPHY William Forsythe
  • New creation CHOREOGRAPHY Emily Molnar