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© Julie Charland
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© Julie Charland
“This re-reading of A Midsummer Night’s Dream is fresh, lively, quite sexy, and most important, hilarious.” Geneviève Bouchard, Le Soleil

Acrobatic dreamers dizzy with desire

A romantic romp in an enchanted forest on a midsummer night. Shakespeare at his most comical, imaginative and agile. A lively and energetic re-telling directed by Olivier Normand, featuring acrobats from the FLIP Fabrique circus troupe.

A jealous king, a flighty queen of the fairies, a quartet of lovers on the run, and a troupe of execrable actors cross paths in an enchanted kingdom, where mischievous Puck muddles thought and sparks passion with his love potion. From its Peter Pan-style prologue to its delightfully grotesque conclusion, Shakespeare’s best-loved comedy is dusted off, shaken out and invigorated by Olivier Normand, who uses the acrobatic skills of FLIP Fabrique and the music of Josué Beaucage to set a wonderfully dreamlike mood.

Performance is approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes with no intermission.

© Julie Charland
© Stephane Bourgeois
© Stephane Bourgeois
© Stephane Bourgeois
© Stephane Bourgeois
© Stephane Bourgeois
© Stephane Bourgeois


  •  ©Jérémie Battaglia
    Directed by Olivier Normand
  •  ©Nicola Frank Vachon
    Flûte Marc Auger
  •  ©
    L’Égoïne and Égée Emmanuel Bédard
  •  ©Éva-Maude TC
    Hermia Maude Boutin St-Pierre
  •  ©Julie Artacho
    Bottom Hugues Frenette
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  • Written by William Shakespeare
  • French translation by Michelle Allen
  • Directed by Olivier Normand
  • Produced by Théâtre du Trident
  • Coproduced by FLIP Fabrique
  • Cast Marc Auger, Josué Beaucage, Emmanuel Bédard, Maude Boutin-St-Pierre, Hugues Frenette, Jean-Michel Girouard, Valérie Laroche, Arielle Lauzon, Olivier Normand, Jean-Sébastien Ouellette, Mary-Lee Picknell, Mathias Reymond, André Robillard and Tristan Robquin
  • Assistant director Katia Talbot
  • Set design Véronique Bertrand
  • Lighting design Caroline Ross
  • Original music composed and performed by Josué Beaucage
  • Costumes Virginie Leclerc
  • Choreography Alan Lake
  • Featuring Bruno Gagnon
  • Technical direction Patrick Paquet
  • Featuring Hélène Rheault