Matthieu Girard

Andréanne Gauthier

  • Written by Matthieu Girard
  • Directed by Maxime Robin

Reading | Limited seating with free tickets available at the NAC Box Office
If it is sold out, some last minute tickets are often available…

Carl is afraid to sleep—his life turned upside down one night when he slept too long. In his taxidermy workshop, he’s finding it harder and harder to get things done, and the stuffed and mounted animals all around him seem on the verge of coming alive—as if Carl were gradually losing the ability to distinguish between dream and reality, life and death.

Fuir le corbeau reveals the more fantastical side of playwright Matthieu Girard, author of Les Beignes (also featured at this year’s Zones Théâtrales.) The reading is directed by Maxime Robin, in an interprovincial blind date between an Acadian playwright and a Toronto-based director.


  • Production autonome (New Brunswick and Ontario)

Cast: Benjamin Gaillard, France Perras, Luc Thériault, Danielle Le Saux-Farmer et Dominique Lafont

Music: Arif Jinha