Les Beignes

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Les Beignes

Sarah Picard

Les Beignes

Sarah Picard

Les Beignes

Sarah Picard

Les Beignes

Sarah Picard

Les Beignes

Sarah Picard

Les Beignes

Sarah Picard

  • Written and directed by Matthieu Girard

Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes with no intermission.

For Johnny, Kristelle, Dion and the other Tim Hortons regulars, the night starts out like any other: time ticks by in 20‑minute coffee changes, and the paninis are toasting peacefully. Until a magical word arrises and lights up their drowsy imaginations: “Contest”… that’s right, a contest involving donuts—many donuts, lots and lots of donuts. As it turns out, this national contest will start something brewing and turn their lives upside down.

Les Beignes (“donuts”) portrays the lives of characters who spend their nights in the beige and brown universe of Tim Hortons. They love each other, hate each other, help each other out or betray each other, consume a lot or refuse to do so. In their collective delirium, they compose a slightly skewed portrait of our society. A tasty tragicomedy that veers from dream to reality and back again.

Théâtre populaire d’Acadie brings us Matthieu Girard’s sugar-sprinkled comedy, a sensational success in New Brunswick. Come and meet the colourful characters who hang around all day and all night in this local branch of our national donut franchise.

Zone POP

Happy Hour!
4:30 to 6:30 p.m. | NAC Atrium

Join us for a cocktail before the show! Drinks and snacks available for purchase.

After Hours Party
From 10 p.m. | 
La Nouvelle Scène Gilles Desjardins
Every night after the show(s), audience members and artists alike head for the Zones Théâtrales bar. Background music, entertaining impromptu speeches—all in all, an enjoyable way to end the day. Available for purchase: healthy one-bowl dishes and other late-night snacks created by chef Gabrielle Sexton of Choux-Choux restaurant.


  • Les Beignes


  • With Tanya Brideau, Matthieu Girard, David Losier, Diane Losier, Frédéric Melanson et Marc-André Robichaud
  • Théâtre populaire d’Acadie (New Brunswick)

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Set design: Luc Rondeau

Original music and soundscape: Pierre Guy Blanchard

Lighting: Mathieu-Julien Duguay

Wigs: Norma Richard

Stage manager: Joëlle Tougas

Technical and production direction: Marc Bédard

Workshop head and set construction: Jean-Diogène Cormier

Photography: Annie France Noël

Technic: Mathieu-Julien Duguay