David Myles

with special guest Megan Bonnell

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David Myles © Mat Dunlap
Music Singer/Songwriter Pop Jazz Folk
“I sometimes forget how powerful a singer-songwriter can be if they have as much talent as a performer as they do as a songwriter. New Brunswick singer-songwriter David Myles proved this to me.” No Depression (UK)

Like his trademark suit, David Myles’ music is timeless. Regardless of quickly passing trends and fads, it will persevere. From soulful, contemporary pop crooners to delicate, jazzy folk ditties, and down-home, back porch roots tunes to infectious hip-hop earworms, David’s only artistic constants are his always growing, shape shifting songwriting, and his exceptional ability to entertain.

Hovering somewhere around a magic spot between James Taylor and Justin Timberlake, David’s diverse set of musical tools has garnered a staggering number of prestigious nominations and awards, including a JUNO and multiple Music Nova Scotia and ECMA awards in addition to numerous high profile music placements around the globe, from the US hit series Parenthood, to Australia’s popular Packed to the Rafters.

Toronto-based folk singer Megan Bonnell has a wide-ranging voice and her lyrics possess an intelligence and poetry. “Magnolia,” released in 2016, is the singer songwriter’s sophomore album, after “Hunt and Chase” (2013) – and it was back in 2013, while she was touring her debut album, that Bonnell wrote the first songs for “Magnolia.” In these songs, she explains, she captured moments of her life, such as the birth of her niece, love that “came and went,” and reflections of “heartbreak and happiness.” One of the most beautiful songs on the album is the single “Can’t Have You,” which is written as a love letter and demonstrates just how much emotion Bonnell is capable of summoning. CBC calls Megan “a sunbeam coming through the window shining down on my morning coffee”.

video: Classified feat. David Myles - Inner Ninja
Classified feat. David Myles - Inner Ninja
David Myles © Mat Dunlap
David Myles © Mat Dunlap
David Myles © Mat Dunlap
Megan Bonnell © Jen Squires