De plain-pied, 2018 Edition

Teenagers storm the NAC during De plain-pied, a rowdy gathering that’s part creative workshop, part celebration.

Johanna Buguet

Teenagers shake the very walls of the NAC and take over the backstage area!

Johanna Buguet

NAC Production

Ages 14 +

Occupy the space, the floor, the ceiling; disturb the air, fill the void

It starts with a group of teenagers, a creation unit. Their mission: to find, through art and action, other ways to collectively inhabit reality, appropriate it, and even transform it! With youthful enthusiasm, they’ll take over a space within the new and improved NAC.

Installation piece, performance, ephemeral poetry, subversive karaoke, metaphysical bingo... What form will their creation take? WE HAVE NO IDEA! And that’s what makes it so interesting!

For more information, visit De plain-pied’s Facebook page.

I’m amazed at how willingly young people embrace the experience. They agree to reveal a very intimate part of themselves, and in a group at that, most of whom they’ve never met. I think it’s fantastic that we’ve managed to create a space where young people feel comfortable and confident, yet that retains a touch of mystery and strangeness.

Mélanie Dumont