Histoires à plumes et à poils

Ages 3 to 8

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© Julie Charland

Martin Blache

Martin Blache

Martin Blache

Approximately 40 minutes with no intermission.


An egg. Fallen from the nest. She and He will find the most absurd and complicated way to put it back: they’ll have to invent some kind of machine. But what kind of egg is it? Hard to say: it’s making strange noises, and it keeps changing shape and colour. As the story unfolds, we meet some unusual creatures: a depressed turkey, two gentlemen porcupines, and even a whale that lives on land! A joyous imaginary bestiary dreamed up by three ingenious authors.

What kind of egg is it again?
An egg of endless possibilities, that’s for sure.

We don’t have mascot outfits, we don’t have illustrations either, like the ones in children’s picture books. Conjuring up a parade of animals without using technological devices or video was quite a challenge.

Érika Tremblay‑Roy

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Available only in French


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  • Histoires à plumes et à poils


  • With Ludger Côté and Emmanuelle Laroche
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Visual concept: Isabelle Caron

Lighting and stage management: Andréanne Deschênes

Music: Yann Godbout

Artistic consultant: Karine Sauvé

Technical direction: Simon Vincent

Produced by Le Petit Théâtre de Sherbrooke