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© Photo: Robin Toma
"Coyote is to Canadian literature what kd lang is to country music: a beautifully odd fixture." Ottawa XPress

Join Ivan Coyote and their all-tomboy band for Tomboy Survival Guide, a rousing and unforgettable night of stories and anthems that pry the lid off the gender boxes we find ourselves in and illuminate some of the deepest wishes of tomboys and gender transgressors – from being picked for the team to being seen as handsome rather than pretty to simply finding a safe place to pee.

Ivan is a powerful and award-winning storyteller and musician, and an audience favourite at arts festivals of all kinds, from Anchorage to Amsterdam. In a show full of wise and lovely messages wrapped in music and tales from growing up different in Whitehorse, Yukon, Ivan shines a million-candlepower spotlight on our limited and limiting notions of family, class, and gender. Tomboy Survival Guide was created by Ivan with Alison Gorman (on trumpet), Pebbles Willekes (on bass), and Sally Zori (on drums and percussion).

video: Tomboy Retreat
Tomboy Retreat
© Photo: Robin Toma


  • Directed by Ivan Coyote
  • Created and performed by Ivan Coyote, Alison Gorman, Pebbles Willekes, and Sally Zori
  • Featuring music by Alison Gorman, Pebbles Willekes, Sally Zori, and Veda Hille