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Theatre in the Bush

Jon Gelinas

Theatre in the Bush

Jon Gelinas


Performance is approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes with no intermission.

Traditionally set deep in the northern forest, Theatre in the Bush is an annual Whitehorse sell-out that takes the ritual and mad magic of a bush party and distils it into an interactive theatre event. Audience members are led through the woods at dusk to a remote location where innovative Yukon artists present playful, daring creations with a healthy dose of folksy northern charm. Some artists come with an idea, and others let the environment influence what they create. It’s a celebration, a meeting place, and a taste of Yukon theatre, music, and food all rolled into one.

In a tiny studio in the Yukon’s boreal forest, Ramshackle Theatre creates outdoor theatre events, cardboard puppet shows, and original plays for Yukon and national audiences. For Canada Scene, Theatre in the Bush features an ensemble of Yukon and local artists in a unique theatrical collaboration ­– minus the midnight sun, but magical, playful, and inspired all the same.

Original concept and direction by Brian Fidler.


Be sure to check out our FAQ document for full details about the Theatre in the Bush experience.


Free transportation to Mackenzie King Estate by bus.

Travel worry free to the Theatre in the Bush experience at the Mackenzie King Estate! Complimentary return transportation is available when you purchase a ticket to attend Theatre in The Bush or a dinner and show package to the same event.

NAC Bus Departure For Theatre In The Bush:

Busses will arrive for pick-up at the brand new NAC Elgin Street entrance. Please be at the NAC Elgin Street Entrance on time, and have your ticket to the performance with you, as well as your bus ticket. If you are not at your bus before the time of departure, the bus will unfortunately leave without you.

If you have purchased a dinner + show ticket:

Your bus will depart from the National Arts Centre’s Elgin Street Entrance at 5:30 PM.

If you have purchased a show only ticket:

Your bus will depart from the National Arts Centre’s Elgin Street Entrance at 7:15 PM.

There will also be busses bringing audience members from the Mackenzie King Estate, back to the NAC after Theatre in the Bush. These busses will depart ten minutes after the end of the performance.

If you would prefer to drive to the Mackenzie King Estate, please note that parking there is free after 6 PM.


We are sold out of the pre-show dinner at the Tea Room, but snacks on site are available (no reservations needed). Please visit T&CO. for more details

"No matter what the content of the production, our starting place is: How do we create this work physically with what we have at hand?"
Brian Fidler, Ramshackle Theatre


  • Miche Genest
  • Geneviève Doyon
  • Jocylyn McDowell
  • Barb Hinton
  • Nate Wood
  • Jordy Walker
  • John Doucet
  • Lisa L'Heureux
  • Emily Pearlman
  • Ken Anderson
  • Mariah Horner
  • Tara Kolla Hale
  • Emily Woodruffe
  • John Streicker
  • Ryan McNally
  • Brigitte Dejardins
  • Allison Blakley
  • Nicholas Leno
  • Norah Paton
  • Michel Gignac

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