© Julie Charland

Canadian Premiere

NAC Production

  • Written by (collage) Les Poids Plumes
  • Artistic direction Annie Cloutier, Lisa L’Heureux and Louis-Philippe Roy

An explosive happening sizzling with life, a communal concatenation of words and whispers in celebration of World Theatre Day. A free zone for the syllables and sounds of a captivating collective of local playwrights.

Under the direction of three of its members (Lisa L’Heureux, Annie Cloutier and Louis-Philippe Roy), and by way of contribution to World Theatre Day celebrations, Les Poids Plumes theatre collective presents Tapage et autres bruits sourds, an uncompromising and insightful look at the battle between noise and silence. Writers, actors, performers and musicians take over the stage in an event that’s sure to generate as much buzz as the ensemble’s previous creations, including Comment frencher un fonctionnaire sans le fatiguer and Musique pour un monte-charge français (et autres curieux désordres)!

Les Poids Plumes are :
Annie Cloutier, Antoine Côté Legault, Marie-Eve Fortier, Gabrielle Lalonde, Sébastien Lajoie, Mishka Lavigne, Josianne Lavoie, Lauriane Lehouillier, Lisa L’Heureux, Charlotte L’Orage, Sarah Migneron, Marie-Thé Morin, Marie-Pierre Proulx, Gabriel Robichaud, Louis-Philippe Roy, Guillaume Saindon, Stephanie Turple and Caroline Yergeau


  • With Virginie Aubry-Richard, David Bélizaire, Virginie Charland and Simon L. Lalande
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

26 Mar

27 Mar

  • 8:00 PM

28 Mar

  • 8:00 PM

29 Mar

30 Mar

31 Mar

1 Apr

Artistic collaboration : Guy Warin
With a group of performers to be announced

Production : Théâtre français du CNA