Sal Capone: The Lamentable Tragedy of

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Kim Villagante, Tristan D. Lalla, Jordan Waunch

Kim Villagante, Tristan D. Lalla

Cast of Sal Capone

Andrée Lanthier

NAC English Theatre Presentation

  • By Omari Newton
  • Directed by Diane Roberts

Produced by Sal Capone Productions (Vancouver/Toronto)

This raw and passionate tale by exciting playwright Omari Newton digs deep into the lives of a hip-hop crew coming to terms, personally and professionally, with the police-shooting death of their DJ, Sammy. In the aftermath of the tragedy, this once-tight group struggles with grief in different ways. Do they carry on with canned beats? Or do they seek revenge?

With seismic hip-hop beats and powerhouse performances, Sal Capone raises a mighty fist to the difficult issues of our time – prejudice, homophobia and injustice – with grace and wit.

"Intelligent and often exciting... killer music and... dynamite performances."
The Vancouver Province
"This acting is excellent... champion this love letter to hip hop with ferocity and pride."
Montreal Rampage
“This show is alive!”
Georgia Straight
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