carried away on the crest of a wave

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David Yee

Matt Barnes

NAC English Theatre Production

  • By David Yee
  • Directed by Kim Collier

Born of a single cataclysmic afternoon, David Yee’s stunning play tosses lives together and just as quickly pulls them apart – an apt metaphor for the massive tsunami that rolled across the Indian Ocean in 2004. Millions of lives were changed forever in a fury of water whose ripple effect gave rise to these far-reaching stories, extending from a Toronto shock-jock radio studio to the shores of Thailand. Winner of the 2015 Governor General’s Literary Award for Drama and directed by Siminovitch Prize laureate Kim Collier, carried away on the crest of a wave shows that despite our differences, we are all connected through serendipity, loss and love.

“Be prepared to be hit by and possibly  carried away on the crest of a wave… richly nuanced, far-ranging show.”
I remember the tsunami of 2004 – the lonely dread of knowing that the world was collapsing on one side while we were celebrating Christmas on the other. David’s play brings that feeling into sharp relief for me; he articulates and encapsulates our disconnect, while pulling at the strings that tie us together.
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