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Jussi Nousiainen (left), Jarkko Lehmus and Ima Iduozee in Morphed. © Heikki Tuuli
Morphed is a complete work of art, and irresistible. Salonen’s powerfully emotionally music, the skilful dancers, and Mikki Kunttu’s understated visual elements create a sense of richness and fullness that surges vibrantly, like poetry flowing out of the unconscious. Raisa Rauhamaa, Teatteri & Tanssi (Finland / Finlande)

NAC Presentation

What makes a man, a man? That is the question Finnish dance prodigy Tero Saarinen investigates in a muscular new work with seven male dancers. A reflective, unfettered enquiry into the essence of maleness, Morphed embraces the kinetic volatility of Esa-Pekka Salonen’s music as a soundscape for movement that is raw, multi-layered and expressive, seeming to rise from primal wellsprings. Bearded and belligerent, or tender and vulnerable, the dancers skillfully embody the shifting, mutating feelings that a man experiences, yet never succumb to cliché.

Co-producers: Helsinki Festival (Finland) and Opéra Théâtre de Saint-Étienne (France)


Performance is approximately 60 minutes with no intermission.

video: Morphed
Jussi Nousiainen (left), Jarkko Lehmus and Ima Iduozee in Morphed. © Heikki Tuuli
David Scarantino, Jussi Nousiainen and Mikko Lampinen. © Heikki Tuuli
Ima Iduozee and Pekka Louhio. © Heikki Tuuli
Jarkko Lehmus, Ima Iduozee and Jussi Nousiainen. © Heikki Tuuli
© Heikki Tuuli
Pekka Louhio, David Scarantino and Ima Iduozee. © Anton Sucksdorff