Legend Lin Dance Theatre

The Eternal Tides

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Provided by NTCH of Taiwan

Provided by NTCH of Taiwan

Dancer Ming-Ching Wu.

Cheng-Tsai Chin

Provided by NTCH of Taiwan

NAC Presentation

Approximately 2 hours with no intermission.

Lee-Chen Lin’s masterful, large-scale works are visually stunning, drawing us into a realm of ethereal beauty and timeless sensuality. Taking inspiration from the elements of dance and music in the traditional religious rituals and ceremonial rites of her Taiwanese homeland, this brilliantly original artist places her exquisite dancers in captivating tableaux that embody the idea of poetry in motion. In this highly anticipated new work, the oceans serve as muse for a sumptuous and profoundly moving exploration of the never-ending, interdependent cycles of water and life. 

Contemporary forms, ancient traditions: Lee-Chen Lin’s Legend Lin Dance Theatre blends the two perfectly. The esthetics is both current and drawn from the most distant past.
Raphaël de Gubernatis, L’OBS (France)


  • The Eternal Tides


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