Salt-Water Moon

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Kawa Ada, Mayko Nguyen and Ania Soul

Joseph Michael Photography

Kawa Ada, Mayko Nguyen and Ania Soul

Joseph Michael Photography

August 1926, Coley’s Point, Newfoundland: the First World War is over, and every day the villages of Newfoundland are abandoned by their young people for life in the big city. On a moonlit summer night, Mary gazes at the stars, waiting for Jerome, her fiancé, to meet her. Instead, her former beau Jacob, who left a year before without saying goodbye, appears, and the old lovers confront their troubled past.

In this unique production of Salt-Water Moon from Why Not Theatre and Factory Theatre, director and 2016 Siminovitch Prize nominee Ravi Jain re-imagines a treasured Canadian classic about love, loss, and reconciliation through a truly universal lens. Ravi, the founding artistic director of Why Not Theatre, has created a spare and captivating production that illuminates David French’s timeless dialogue and love story, and through the brilliant addition of a musician/narrator, the storyteller becomes as important as the story. Beguiling and achingly honest, Salt-Water Moon allows us to consider fresh possibilities and fall in love with love all over again.

A Factory Theatre Production touring with Why Not Theatre.

Salt-Water Moon is an irresistible reimagining of a Canadian classic. A classic that is as much about Canada today as it is about Newfoundland of yesteryear.

J. Kelly Nestruck, The Globe and Mail


  • Canada Scene: SALT-WATER MOON July 6-9


  • Written by David French
  • Directed by Ravi Jain
  • Starring Bahareh Yaraghi, Danny Ghantous, Ania Soul

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